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Maine Lighthouse Trail

The Maine Lighthouse Trail (MLT) includes 65 Maine Lighthouses and 2 Maine Lighthouse related organizations. Each Lighthouse is beautiful, unique and majestic with rich histories! No wonder so many people love Maine Lighthouses! A huge effort from donors and volunteers has been put into restoring many of these Lighthouses along with the associated Keeper’s Houses and other related buildings and grounds. 

a small clock tower in front of a body of water
a flock of birds flying over a body of water

The MLT has many locations that offer different types of educational opportunities from books, lodging, museums/gift shops, programs, state parks, tours, and videos. Many Maine Lighthouse organizations are committed to the education of visitors as well as members of the organizations that support each Lighthouse.  Below is a map of the Maine Lighthouse Trail that includes a general description of the map, pictures and information about each location. The map groups those locations that offer similar educational programs.  Should you wish to alter the information shown on this map please let us know. 

Link to Open the Above Map in Google Maps

Allows this Map to work with Google Maps on computers and mobile phones.  If you want to save the map for use later or read the Legend, you have to be signed into Google Maps.  If you are signed into Google Maps, when you open this Map it will be saved automatically.

To reopen the Map on an iPhone from Google Maps, click your picture on top right, select “Your Places” from the menu, click “Maps” on top right and select “Maine Lighthouse Trail.”