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Private Half Day Sail

Quick Details

Calendar Season: From 5/4 to 11/3/24

Private Charter Be our exclusive guests onboard ~ Up to 6 passengers per boat
VIP Private Charter VIP benefits are shown after the date and time is selected below

Tour Details

Most people that book a 2 hour excursion tell us they wished they could sail longer. So why not start out with a half day sail! You will be able to see much more of Saco Bay for sure! Also you might want to consider getting off on an uninhabited island, going for a swim or seeing the beautiful Saco River.

There is so much to see and experience, a half day is just what the doctor ordered! Lots of options with the large expanse of Old Orchard Beach, seeing Biddeford Pool, the 8 gorgeous islands of Saco Bay, 5 miles of the Saco River and uninhabited islands to explore!

All ages are welcome!

Boat Departures

Twice daily, departure times vary based on when the sunsets, see schedule for daily times.

Sailing in a Larger Group

Most of the season 2 sailboats will be available with a capacity of 6 each. Parties more than 6 will need to make 2 bookings.